A Page From My Book

My name is Chelsea and I am first and foremost a lover of words and their incredible transformative power when carefully and artfully strung together to form books. There is nothing that can speak to my bibliophile soul more than turning the well worn pages of a favored novel, discovering more with every read, and exhaling that sigh filled with both satisfaction and longing upon closing the spine yet again.

In this blog I will discuss publishing topics as both a publishing professional and as a reader. Publishing has long been my coveted industry and now I can happily say that I am a part of it. As a book lover and a member of the book publishing industry, I feel compelled to be an active part of this space. It is my hope that by fueling my other great passion in life, writing, that I will fully immerse myself in every aspect of publishing and share engaging content that other bookworms will enjoy.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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